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V & V Sausage, family owned and operated since 1952, takes pride in its sausage with the great homemade taste that other sausages just cannot match. It starts with our father, Edward Vinklarek, who instilled in us the importance of never changing his country recipe to brothers, Bobby, Donnie and Ronnie, who make and deliver V & V Sausage direct to warehouses, restaurants and stores across Texas to ensure it is as fresh as possible from our family to yours.

Every 100 pounds of V & V Sausage is mixed personally by Donnie to ensure the right balance of high quality pork, beef, and seasonings called for in the original family recipe. We use only the highest quality meats and no trimmings to insure the leanest sausage and just the right amount of spice to give it that great homemade taste but not too hot that children can not eat it. V & V Sausage is smoked with all natural real wood to get that natural smoked taste then vacuum sealed to lock it in.

V & V Sausage works great on the grill or chop it up for pan frying with eggs for great breakfast tacos. Mix it up in casseroles, soups, stews; enjoy it on spaghetti, pizza, and nachos. Since V & V sausage is already smoked, it takes only about 10 minutes to heat so it is great for quick dinners, unexpected guests, snacking and anytime you want to eat... now.


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